Heidi Stewart


“Photography has always fascinated me. How could people capture such amazing results just by using a camera? I was determined to find out for myself and since then have never looked back.

To me, the most important part of photography is the composition; how I see a good picture. Of course I hope others see that too when they look at my work!

I have taken a wide variety of shots in my time – from sweeping landscapes to intimate close ups of flowers, or, indeed, anything that catches my eye.

My aim is absolutely to enjoy what I do and to hopefully spread that enjoyment to others.

I so hope that you like what I have taken and maybe consider buying it to enjoy too.”



Image House, East Tyndall Street, Cardiff, CF24 5EF


02920 448230


Mon - Fri : 8am–4pm

Sat : Closed

Sun : Closed